Every kid has their own set of dreams to achieve, but by the actual time to follow a career, it all revolves around those particular jobs that are so-called considered to be sustainable and secure.

Do you often think -about where it went wrong or how the destination changed along the way?

Do you also get overwhelmed due to the amount of information present on the internet while searching for the right ways to achieve your dreams?

Do you wish for guidance from someone who’s experienced and knows the right skills you need to hone to get your place in the market?

If you do we present our outstanding speaker, MR. VIGNESH KUMAR!?? A man with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, this speaker works towards encouraging the future generation to think outside the box.??

Currently, he’s the Director at Cisco, with 15+ years of experience in Strategic consulting, he is dedicated to mentoring and helping startups reach new heights.?? He is here to give us insights on the major tech revolutions that fueled globalization and resulted in the form of innovations from unexpected places; he will talk about all those key points to a successful startup which we have been fishing all over. So let us all benefit from his exemplary knowledge and experience to prepare ourselves for the future race of life and level up our skills.