You might have heard, read, or actually witnessed the chaos that people are experiencing in Delhi airport. As travel is opening up and the holiday season is around the corner, the footfalls in the airports have gone up significantly.

As in most cases, technology is here to solve this problem 🙂

“Facial Recognition” technology is leveraged to make the entire check-in and airport screening process seamless.

Way back in 2018, I experienced this in Atlanta airport where we boarded the flight through facial recognition and not by scanning a boarding pass. The process at that point though was limited to your face being scanned at the check-in desk and then being used across the airport to authorize you.

#digiyatra aspires to take this one step further. So here is what you need to know:

Enrolment process:
– Download the app and register using your mobile number
– Link your identity credentials using #digilocker or offline Aadhaar
– Take a selfie picture when prompted
– Update your boarding pass on the App and share it with the departure airport

The process to be followed at the airport:
– Scan the mobile boarding pass at the gate
– Look into the Face Recognition System (FRS) camera installed at the gate
– On successful validation, the E-gate will open and let you into the airport
– If you have check-in luggage drop them at the desk/counter
– Proceed toward the security check zone and again look at an FRS camera
– On Successful validation, the E-gate will allow you in for a security check

The entire Check-in process in Airport should be seamless once people are familiar with the new process.