Over the weekend my wife and I were making the video, our daughter was keenly looking at us and had a bunch of questions.

“Why are you recording a video?”
“Why are you sharing what you know with others?”
“Will others watch the video?”
“What if they don’t like it?”

As typical parents, we spent time explaining these questions. To be honest we did not realize how serious she was about these questions until I saw this note in my notebook today morning.

The kid does not want to be left out and has started her own venture and called it “Awesome learning with Ananya V” 🙂

This is her attempt to spread the knowledge that she has gained. A test that her mom should attempt today.

Being a role model is crucial both on the personal and professional front. The next time you want someone in your family or team to execute something, ask yourself this question – “Do I on a consistent basis exhibit this trait that I asking others to exhibit”

Great leaders do that. Rather than instructing others to do something, they practice that trait day-in and day-out until it rubs on the people around them.