A frequently discussed topic during my mentoring sessions is “I have a couple of offers, and struggling to decide which one to accept”

I go through the standard set of questions:
a. What is the charter?
b. What are your roles and responsibilities?
c. Career growth
d. Salary etc.

And at the end when I drop the below questions
“Which company’s interview process did you enjoy the most”
“Which company during their interview process made you feel valuable”

Usually, I hear a pin drop silence and the candidate goes into a self-introspection mode.

After a minute or 2, after they have relived their experience, they spell out a company’s name with a smile.

Many times the company that they spell out and join is not the best offer that they have, but the candidate is ready to consider the offer because of the interview experience.

Providing a great interview experience where the candidate is treated with respect and dealt with professionally goes a long way in showcasing the culture of the organization and the team. And most importantly, it reflects the type of leadership that you practice on a daily basis.

So next time around, when you hire someone or are vetting your offers, do not overlook your interview experience.