I was clearing up some of my old stuff and found this Kingfisher airline tag inside one of my laptop bags. Hard to believe how the Indian aviation sector has changed over the past decade:

* Jet Airways – The undisputed market leader at that time does not fly anymore. Jet Airways 2.0 might start flying in March 2022
* Kingfisher airlines – focusing on luxury and red carpet (literally) treatment to customers, no longer exists
* Air India & Indian Airlines – Sold to the Tata group and might find back its Mojo in the coming years
* Indigo Airlines – From a low-cost carrier tag to the current Market leader tag
* SpiceJet – From a young airline to the 2nd ranked airline (market share)

Businesses need to constantly find a way to balance their performance (financial and operational) keeping in mind their future growth strategy.

If this balance is lost – in the current “Customer” driven market, it does not take long for businesses to gown down a slippery slope.