“An army of sheep led by a lion with always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep” – this phrase for me captures the essence of the “Spirit of Leadership”

As a leader, it is very important for us to understand the phrase “Spirit of leadership”.

What sets a leader apart from the followers is mainly the attitude that he or she carries around. This speech by Dr.Myles Munroe by far is one of the best speeches that one can hear to understand what leadership is.

There are many aspects that we can learn from nature observing animals that are at the top of their food chain. This will help identify the traits that we need to build as Leaders.

Lion “the King of the Jungle” is undoubtedly the leader of the animal kingdom. As Dr.Myles calls out in this speech:

“Lion is not the tallest,
not the largest,
not the heaviest,
not the smartest, yet,
all these animals run when a Lion shows up”

This is mainly because of the “Attitude” that the lion displays.

The lion believes that it can hunt down any animal in the forest and puts this belief into action every day. It does not shy away from taking down animals bigger and stronger.

This attitude ensures that the other animal’s respect (not fear) the lion.

This is what is the “Spirit of leadership”.

You will start knocking off those big insurmountable problems that stare at you if you wake up every day with this attitude. End of the day, a problem looks big or small based on the way you look at the problem – and this is where “Attitude” makes the difference.