How often have you seen people discussing the success of someone in their network?

I am sure you have been part of conversations where people highlight (sometimes envious) the milestones that someone in their network achieved.

You will hear phrases like “I wish I had”, “I hope I was as fortunate”, “I hope someday” etc., etc.

Well, you are not alone !!!

Research shows that even successful people also tend to have these insecurities and the current social media trends do not help. It is not that tough to understand that social media is a platform where many of us are highlighting outcomes or accomplishments. Seldom do we get to see the grind behind those accomplishments (Anyways this is a topic to discuss for some other day)

But I do see few people who have not fallen into this trap and they are the ones who focus on their own strengths.

Rather than focusing on “What someone else has that I don’t have”, the focus should be on “How can I leverage my strengths and keep growing”

As the legendary sprinter #UsainBolt once said – “There are better starters than me, but I am a strong finisher”

It makes a world of difference when you start acknowledging this simple rule of life.