How “Pricing” can be used as a Strategic lever to derive maximum value for the business and How to find the “Ideal Product market fit”. Keep Watching the session with Vignesh Kumar, Director – Product Pricing & Monetization and Operations, VMware to know more about the various Pricing models, Strategies, and Understanding Business Models.

Key Takeaways:

1. Understand Business models

2. Product-market Fit

3. Learn about Strategic Pricing

Key Moments:

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:57 Why business model have become critical in current world

0:05:19 What is a Business Model?

0:06:34 Value creation-fundamental pillar leads to product management mindset

0:11:08 MVP-given to the customer

0:11:12 About Spotify MVP

0:14:57 GTM Strategies, When launching products

0:16:17 Profit model in business model

0:19:27 Key drivers of profitability

0:20:50 Business Logic

0:23:43 Understanding Network effect-Spotify Example

0:26:23 Framework used for Quantifying Value Based Pricing

0:28:09 What is Product market fit?

0:39:31 How to find the Ideal Product market fit

 0:44:49 Network Effect