I recently spoke on this topic during my #tedxtalk on “How technology is driving the Startup ecosystem in India”.

Here are a few data points to substantiate how technology is eliminating the information barriers that rural India had a few decades back.

— The overall number of recognized startups has reached 66,810 in FY22

— Nearly 50% of the recognized startups in India are now from Tier 2 and 3 cities

— Recognised startups are spread across more than 640 districts

— Union Minister Piyush Goyal today termed #startups as the DNA of the future of India and he was impressed by the sheer talent of startups, especially from remote parts of the country. Quoting him – “I urge VC firms and entrepreneurs from metro cities and startup hubs to sacrifice time and effort to reach out to these startups from Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. A lot of opportunities await you there. Some of these entrepreneurs from smaller cities and towns have brilliant ideas and as such, we need to dedicate time to these them be it by being mentors or by handholding these young boys and girls to enable them to secure initial funding”, added Goyal.

I am excited and looking forward to seeing how the rural landscape of #india will change over the coming years. Covid has helped us understand the merits of the #hybridworking model. With the rollout of #5g, we are truly enabling the rural workforce to become #jobcreators and not #jobseekers

A prosperous rural India will go a long way in solving the various social, environmental, and economical challenges that we are currently facing.

If you are working where people like us can contribute?
By actively mentoring and engaging with this rural talent pool who might be looking out for guidance. Small support from our side will go a long way in making them successful.