We can learn many leadership concepts by looking at Nature. Here is a story that I have witnessed over the past 3 years

The above tree was a blooming magnificent tree in our apartment complex. Many of us enjoyed the shade that its canopy provided. The benches under the canopy were one of the best relaxing spots in our complex.

3 years back during a rainy night, the tree could not take the downpour and broke into 2 (the main trunk split into 2). With a heavy heart, all of us said goodbye to the tree as it had to be chopped off completely.

Fast forward 3 years and this is how the tree has responded to the crisis. It is building an alternate trunk and blooming again.

* Sometimes in life, things can be taken away. But do not lose hope. Life provides you another option only if you believe that you can come back from that crisis

* Focus on your foundations – education, values, core strength, etc. The root of this tree was so strong that it was able to overcome the crisis and make a comeback. If your core values are intact, you can come back from any situation. Do not focus a lot on superficial looks (the canopy in this case) and spend time building your core values and ethos (the roots of the tree in this case) that can let you thrive in any situation

* And Finally, “Believe in yourself”