How many of you use Humor in your “Story Telling”? What is Your Style?

It is a well know fact that humor makes any story interesting. It has the ability to engage and captivate the audience.

The below framework by Humor, Seriously – analyses your humor style based on 2 dimensions:
a. Are you subtle (understated, premeditated, and full of nuance) or Expressive (spirited, spontaneous, spotlight-seeking)
b. Are you affiliative  (wholesome, uplifting humor) or aggressive (humor that’s no-holds-barred and a few shades darker)

Based on these dimensions, one can end up being a:
1. Magnet
2. Standup
3. Sweetheart
4. Sniper

Incorporate world, I guess we all would like to engage with a “Magnet” or “Sweetheart” profile, and watch out for the “Snipers” πŸ™‚