How often have you been told not to “Procrastinate”?
How often have you been told to “Just get it done”, “Do it – right now”?

I have heard these phrases throughout my career and never challenged the status quo. 

Have you ever heard about “Procrastinate Wisely”?
Doesn’t it look like an oxymoron!!!

On the contrary, I think we have been practicing this mindset for ages. Some of your best moments of judgment are when you are not actually trying to solve the problem. 

If you are looking out for inspiration or that AHA moment while solving a problem, look no further and try getting into a zone where you “Procrastinate wisely” – go for a jog, listen to your favorite music, or do any activity that you enjoy and give your mind that space to explore a solution from multiple dimensions.

No wonder Archimedes, Newton, and many more found their AHA moments in places where they were not trying to solve the problem πŸ™‚